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Therfield Heath and Greens

Therfield Heath is a special place, Common Land, Local Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

We want everyone to enjoy it.

People value the Heath for many reasons, to enable everyone to enjoy their visit we have to have Rules or Bye Laws. These are displayed at most of the entrances to the Heath. There are as few as possible to try to make everyone's visit safe and enjoyable.

One of the main users of the Heath Is Royston Golf Club.

 Having a golf course on the common land means  large areas are maintained to a high standard.

So that golfers can enjoy their game non-players are asked to be aware that golf balls can hurt and to try  avoid the tees, greens and closely mown grass areas.

For much of the year you will find sheep grazing on the Heath.

 Sheep have grazed the Heath for centuries and is the reason the way the Heath looks as it does today. It is important that dog owners keep their dogs on leads when walking close to sheep. Allowing the sheep to safely graze means the Heath will remain special, rare plants will continue to grow and endangered birds will continue to nest on the Heath.

Racehorses have run on the Heath since men first raced horses.

 Races no longer take place but horses are being trained here. Please avoid the gallops when horses are training. Galloping horses don't mix with people and dogs.

With a little thought and consideration – everyone can enjoy the Heath.

News from the Heath September 2017

The sheep have returned to the Heath for the 2017 season.

 Now they are  on Two Hills above the Sports Club. Soon they will move over to  above the Rifle Range and Lankester Hill.

Sheep grazing the Heath are vital for keeping the grass short to enable  the wild flowers the Heath is famous for to grow and flourish. Some of the wild flowers are the food for our butterflies, so no sheep would mean less flowers and butterflies.

So a reminder that dogs must be on leads when close to sheep. Anyone who knows about dogs knows the temptation of frightened and running sheep is almost impossible for even the most well trained dog to resist. So be safe and keep your dogs on leads. The Countryside Code and the  Heath’s bye-laws are very clear on this.

 News From the Heath